Strength Training for Bone Density

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Half of all women will have osteoporosis by age 60. One in five women will have a hip fracture in her lifetime, and 50% of them will never walk again. Men are not immune to this problem. 30% of osteoporosis happens in males, and 50% of men who suffer hip fractures will die within one year.

Benefits of Exercise

It’s never too late to start exercising. For seniors regular physical activity can:

  • Increase muscle strength
  • Improve balance
  • Decrease risk of bone fracture
  • Maintain or improve posture
  • Relieve or decrease pain

Exercising if you have osteoporosis means finding the safest, most enjoyable activities for you given your overall health and amount of bone loss. There’s no one-size-fits-all prescription.

Before you Start

Consult your doctor before starting any exercise program for osteoporosis. You might need some tests first, including:

  • Bone Density Measurement
  • Fitness Assessment

The weight-bearing exercises are best for your bone health. Any exercise which force you to work against gravity such as walking, stair climbing, dancing, and weight lifting. Experts recommend at least 30 minutes of weight-bearing exercise daily to lower your risk of osteoporosis.

3 Exercise Tips for Better Bone Health

  1. 30 Minutes of regular exercise daily
  2. Using a combination of different kinds of weight-bearing activities
  3. Start slow and increase your workout over time

Muscle & Bone Strengthening Exercises

Muscle and bone strengthening exercises include activities where you move your body, a weight or some other resistance against gravity. They are also known as resistance exercises and include:

  • Lifting weights
  • Using elastic exercise bands
  • Using weight machines
  • Lifting your own body weight
  • Functional movements, such as standing and rising up on your toes
  • Yoga and Tai Chi

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Goal/ Emphasis: Weight Training & Bodyweight Exercises for Bone Density

Time: 60 minutes

Program: 3 sets of 10 reps

Equipment: Dumbbells (DB)

Warm-Up Phases (5- 8 minutes)

  • 60 seconds March
  • 60 seconds Knee Lifts
  • 60 second Hamstring Pulls
  • 60 seconds Low Kicks
  • Repeat Sequence
  • Stretch

Work Phases (45 – 55 minutes)

Complete 3 sets 10 reps

Weight Training & Bodyweight Exercises for Bone Density

  • DB Sumo Squat
  • DB Lunges
  • Wall Push Ups
  • DB Back Row
  • DB Upright Row
  • DB Biceps Curls
  • DB Chest Press
  • DB Chest Fly
  • Bench Dips
  • DB Triceps Extensions
  • DB Shoulder Press
  • DB Deltoid Front Raises
  • DB Deltoid Side Raises
  • Cat n Camel 30- 45 seconds
  • Modified Knee Push-ups
  • Planks 30- 45 seconds
  • Bird Dog 30- 45 seconds
  • Glut Bridge 30- 45 seconds
  • Stretch

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