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Inspire Train Fit, LLC is a multi-dimensional health and wellness business that believes in helping people move, feel, and live better through physical fitness, proper nutrition and healing modalities. Inspire Train Fit specializes in sports recovery and performance, corrective exercise, mindful movement therapies, personal training, and integrative healing therapies. Its CEO, Allison Milano, is a visionary health and wellness expert who has been working in the industry for more than 25 years with expertise in kinesiology, physiology, exercise rehabilitation and complementary and alternative medicine.

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I developed shin splints in my left leg while training for half-marathons. I felt discomfort and stopped running for a few days to ice, rest and elevate my left leg in addition to a compression sleeve. Four days later, I didn’t see any drastic improvement. Most experts advise that shin splints can take several weeks, if not months on average to fully heal. I couldn’t wait that long so I went to Allison’s wellness center and was introduced to the BEMER Therapy. Allison showed me how the device can heal muscle fatigue and even the shin splints. After two sessions of BEMER, the shin splints were eliminated and I was very pleased with the outcome with no residual discomfort or tenderness. I would highly recommend to runners who are experiencing muscle fatigue or shin splints to try a BEMER session with Allison. She is an expert with the BEMER and will answer any questions you may have. I will continue to use the BEMER periodically and incorporate the treatment into my training program to successfully run my first half marathon this year. Thank you, Allison!

Mike H.

Stamford, CT
I am so grateful for meeting Allison when I did! I met Allison just a few weeks after having bunion surgery for BEMER Therapy and a PNF Stretch session that helped me with both the pain and inflammation. Little did I know that was only half the gift! Weeks later as I started to heal more and also become somewhat mobile I was favoring my good foot/leg. Had it not been for Allison’s skills in kinesiology and corrective exercise and knowing just how to stretch me so I could get some relief from the way I was carrying myself I don’t know what would have happened. I felt lopsided, my back was hurting, my foot was swollen, and my neck hurt. Had I gone to just anybody I’m sure matters could have gotten worse instead of improved. Allison is extremely knowledgeable and knew just how to help me. She pushed me just the right amount and my pain was relieved under her expert care.

Lisa M.

Darien, CT
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