Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy


What is Red Light Therapy?

Both red and infrared light have been scientifically proven to reduce pain, inflammation and improve performance and recovery. The Fringe Red Light Therapy Wrap combines light wavelengths of red light (660nm) and infrared light (850nm) for targeted cellular-healing, as well as pain and inflammation reduction. This versatile Red Light Wrap can be placed on your feet, ankles, knees, hips, low back, neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hands.

What are the different types of red light therapy?
The healing power of red-light therapy is well established. Red and infrared light have very similar physiological effects, with the main difference being that infrared light penetrates deeper into the body. Both red and infrared light have been scientifically studied and supported to reduce pain and inflammation and to improve performance and recovery.

Light therapy has an established history as a proven treatment for many different types of pain – acute injuries, chronic pain, joint pain, tendonitis, nerve pain, arthritic pain, or fibromyalgia. Pain and anti-inflammatory medications used regularly can have several side-effects, which leads people to try alternative and natural options.

How does red light therapy work?
The health of every organ and every cell in the body depends on energy being produced by the mitochondria in those cells.  Skin, muscle, fat, bone, gland, or brain – when the mitochondria produce more energy, the cells in those tissues work better.


  1. Increased Cellular ATP Production. Red Light and Near Infrared Light therapy stimulates your body’s natural healing process at the cellular level through increased ATP production in the mitochondria.
  2. With an increase in mitochondrial output of ATP a series of metabolic events occur that improve blood oxygenation, improve blood flow, increase collagen production, reduce overall inflammation, and improve cellular regeneration and protection; building cellular antioxidant and anti-inflammatory defenses. Light entering our skin creates a low-dose healthy metabolic stress (hormesis) that builds our cell’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant defense systems. This results in a reduced amount of cellular free radicals being produced and less oxidative stress for our cell, protecting our tissues from
What are the benefits of red light therapy?

Benefits of Red Light Therapy:

♦️ Pain Relieve
♦️Reduced Inflammation
♦️Enhanced Circulation
♦️Better Sleep
♦️Improved Joint Health
♦️Increased Energy
♦️ Improved Performance
♦️Reduces Muscle Recovery time
♦️Enhances Metabolism
♦️Better Mood and Mental Health
♦️ Improved Brain Health and Cognition
♦️Enhanced Skin and Hair Health
♦️Improved Thyroid Health
♦️Improved Hormone Health
♦️Better Immune Response
♦️Speeds Injury Healing

What are the payment and cancellation policies?
Red Light Therapy sessions are available at different times and price points for your convenience. Payment is due in full on your first cupping therapy session. Sessions/packages expire one year after purchase date. Payment can be made in either CashCheck, or Credit Card. We are fully insured, licensed and we accept HSA (Health Savings Account).

Please honor our schedule by giving 24-hour advance notice of cancellation. If not, we reserve the right to redeem the paid session. No Refunds. Sessions are transferable between family members.

Red Light Therapy Session Prices

Red light therapy sessions are available as single sessions or purchase session packages to invest in your health and fitness.