Get out on the green. Learn the rules of golf, proper golf course etiquette, and mechanics for hitting every shot.

A Private One-on-One Golf Playing Session for Beginners

This Program Includes:

Driving range hitting practice

A private round of 9 holes of golf (approximately 2hrs)

Tee Time, Green Fees & Club Cart rental included

$250/ per participant

Click the PayPal link below to register and pay.

South Pine Creek Golf Course, 70 Old Dam Road Fairfield, CT 06824

**Participants need their own golf clubs and golf shoes*

Call Allison Stolar  203-644-6688

Allison Stolar is a fitness expert, athlete, and an avid golfer who will teach you the rules of golf, proper golf course etiquette, and mechanics for hitting every shot. This par-3 9 hole playing session will teach you everything you need to get started to play golf.


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