Knee Replacement

Inspire Train Fit can design a safe exercise program and help provide motivation for rehabilitation after a total knee replacement or knee surgery.

We know it’s important to listen to your body in this process; we start with light exercise and increase the intensity as your pain level allows.

 Exercise will help speed your recovery and can diminish your postoperative pain. Knee rehabilitation exercises and stretching enhance the mobility of the knee after surgery, decrease pain, increase muscle strength and disperse synovial fluid throughout the knee. Cardiovascular health can be addressed on a stationary bike that offers stability and a safe workout along with mechanical benefits for the knee joint.

Inspire Train Fit can: 

  • Provide a safe exercise program
  • Help return to normal activities
  • Help regain normal knee motion
  • Help regain muscle strength and flexibility
  • Increase core strength and stability
  • Help with pain management
  • Improve quality of life and movement

Suggested exercises for recovery include:

  • Proper Walking 20-30 minutes 2-3 times per week
  • Standing Knee Bends 1-2 sets 10 reps
  • Assisted Knee Bends 1-2 sets 10 reps
  • Straight Leg Raises 1-2 sets 10 reps
  • Stationary Bike 20-30 minutes 2-3 times per week
  • Stretching Daily

Note: It generally takes 12 weeks to complete the rehab process and 6 months to a year to get back to full strength. Any exercise performed during the rehabilitative efforts should be approved by a doctor, orthopedic surgeon or physical therapist.

By Allison Milano- Stolar, MA
Health Fitness Specialist

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