Wellness Retreats

Wellness Retreats


We offer wellness events and retreats.

Our wellness events and retreats are designed to take you on a personal journey to evolve your soul, open your heart and expand your mind.

Focused on restoring health and balance through Eastern holistic therapies and traditional Western science. Our wellness retreats offer a comprehensive experience designed to enhance longevity, personal empowerment and overall well-being.

Inspire Train Fit Wellness Retreats

A Healing Experience in Nature


Vermont Weekend Retreat: Summer 2022. Enjoy the beauty of the green mountains while exploring the depths of your soul, providing self-love and restoring your body.

Retreat sessions will include outdoor activities, therapeutic movement and indoor wellness. therapies.


Nature Walk

Vinyasa Yoga

Mat Pilates

Reiki Healing Circle

Guided Meditation

Melt & Body Rolling

Aromatherapy & The Mind

Calming the Nervous System & Reprogram the Brain

Numerology, Positive Affirmations, Angel Card Reading