Wellness Seminars

Wellness Seminars

Corporate Wellness

When can you offer Wellness Seminars?

Weekly wellness seminars and exercise classes can be scheduled during lunch time or after work hours. Corporations can schedule 6-12 week sessions to meet their workday schedule.

Wellness Seminar Descriptions

We offer a variety of wellness seminars and exercise classes that you can choose from to create a custom program that fits your organization’s goals.

Rules to Work-Life Balance: This seminar will help you find a work-life balance by setting boundaries, scheduling self-care, and eliminating negative thought patterns.

5 Pillars to Adult Health: This seminar will discuss longevity and the rules for staying healthy.

Stress Be Gone: This seminar helps to decrease stress-related illnesses and improve staff productivity with deep stretching and breathing techniques.

8 Dimensions of Wellness: This seminar will discuss the 8 dimensions of wellness and how each area impacts your overall wellness.

Healthy Back for Life & Ergonomics: This seminar will teach you the tools to reduce back and neck pain. You will get the tools to evaluate the ergonomics of your personal workstation.

Holistic Wellness: This seminar will give an overview of holistic wellness mind-boy therapies. It will also discuss the benefits and history of complementary and alternative medicine.

Superfoods: This seminar will teach you what foods to incorporate in your diet for a healthy lifestyle and increased energy.

Vision Boarding: This seminar will inspire you, enlighten you, and motivate you to live the best life possible. You will create a vision board to layout your dreams and goals.