Sports Performance and Recovery

Sports Recovery & Rehab

Recovery & Performance

What is Sports Recovery & Rehab?

Inspire Train Fit offers a variety of sports recovery and rehab services that relieve pain, provide recovery from fitness training, sports, and overuse injuries.

What is Sports Performance & Mindset Training?

We offer focused training, tailored coaching and support for student athletes gearing up for the upcoming sports season. Our Strength and Conditioning Program is focused on progressively building muscle strength, increasing endurance and instilling a positive mindset. Our methods includes plyometrics, explosive drills, and dynamic strength training techniques.


Why should I choose Sports Recovery & Rehab with Inspire Train Fit?

Inspire Train Fit specializes in athletic performance and sports recovery. We offer many recovery techniques that are designed to facilitate the body’s natural healing process.

We offer a science-based approach to athletic training that includes assessments, the highest level of performance training, functional program applications, healing modalities, stress reduction and tools to improve mobility and performance. 


What is involved with Recovery and Healing for Student Athletes?

We offer athletes recovery and healing modalities including PNF stretching, Fascial stretching (FST), Myofasical Release, SMR technique, fascial sheering/flossing, cupping therapy, kinesio taping, deep breathing techniques, aromatherapy, mindset training, visualization techniques, and BEMER Vascular Therapy.

What are the payment and cancellation policies?

Sports Performance and Recovery sessions are available at different times and price points for your convenience. Payment is due in full on your first training session.
Sessions/packages expire one year after purchase date. Payment can be made in either CashCheck, or Credit Card. We are fully Insured and licensed.

Please honor our schedule by giving 24-hour advance notice of cancellation. If not, we reserve the right to redeem the paid session.

Sports Performance and Recovery Session Prices

Sports Performance and Recovery sessions are available as single sessions of various lengths or purchase session packages to invest in your health and recovery.

One-on-one Single SPORTS REcovery Session Prices

one-on-one sports recovery Session Prices