Mindful Movement Classes

Movement Classes


We offer a variety of movement classes to keep you motivated and active everyday.

Mindful Movement Class Descriptions

We offer a variety of movement classes to motivate you to reach your fitness and lifestyle goals.

Stick Mobility: Stick mobility combines joint mobilization, strength training and deep fascial
stretching to increase athletic performance, improve mobility, coordination, strength and reduce the risk of injury.

Stick Mobility for Tennis: Tennis is a repetitive sport with specific movement patterns that require strength, endurance, speed, coordination and mobility. For tennis players, Stick Mobility improves joint function, active range of motion, generates power, reduces injuries and
increases athletic performance. Stick Mobility improves mobility in your shoulders, hips, thoracic spine and lower back.

Stick Mobility for Golf: Golf is an explosive sport with specific movement patterns that require strength, endurance, coordination and mobility. For golfers Stick Mobility will improve your mobility to increase your ability to hit the ball further. It will help get your club and body in better positions to have a more consistent, efficient, and effective golf swing. It will reduce your risk of injury in training and speed up your recovery time.

Therapeutic Movement & Mobility: This class will use mindful movement, stretching and myofascial release techniques utilizing balls and soft foam rollers to improve mobility, stability, and recovery. This class will improve your body’s ability to restore sensory motor control, reduce soreness and stress, balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, and increase fluid flow in fascia.

Total Body Tune Up:  This class will use multiply modalities to bring your body back into balance and tranquility. This class includes lots of deep tissue rolling and myofascial release techniques to help you improve flexibility, reduce muscle stiffness, alleviate pain, restore motion and improve circulation.

Vinyasa Yoga: This yoga class includes mindful deep breathing combined with yoga poses and stretches that promotes a healthy mind and body.

Meditation: This meditation class uses mindful deep breathing and visualization to relax and reduce stress.

Limber Up: This stretching class will increase joint mobility, reduce stress, and muscle tension.

Mat Pilates: This class uses mat-based Pilates to strengthen the core, support the spine, and create body awareness.

Absolute Core: A highly effective workout that targets the abdominals and back muscles to increase abdominal strength and core stability.