Fitness Classes

Fitness Classes


We offer a variety of fitness classes.

We offer a variety of fitness classes to keep you motivated and active everyday.

Fitness Class Descriptions

We offer a variety of fitness classes to motivate you to reach your fitness and lifestyle goals.

The Workday Workout: This class will get your muscles and heart pumping. This 45-minute express workout can help boost morale and increase productivity.

Total Body Tune Up: This class will use multiply modalities to bring your body back into balance and tranquility.

Vinyasa Yoga: This yoga class includes mindful deep breathing combined with yoga poses and stretches that promotes a healthy mind and body.

Meditation: This meditation class uses mindful deep breathing and visualization to relax and reduce stress.

Limber Up: This stretching class will increase joint mobility, reduce stress, and muscle tension.

Mat Pilates: This class uses mat-based Pilates to strengthen the core, support the spine, and create body awareness.

The Power of Good Posture: This class uses body awareness and postural analysis to improve posture, reduce stress, and muscle tension.

Absolute Core: A highly effective workout that targets the abdominals and back muscles to increase abdominal strength and core stability.

Ball Rolling for Mobility: This class includes lots of deep tissue rolling and myofascial release techniques to help you improve flexibility, reduce muscle stiffness, alleviate pain, restore motion and improve circulation.