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“In silence the teachings are heard; in stillness the world is transformed.” – Lao Tzu

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Healing Philosophy – The Divine Plan is Harmony!

Our integrative approach to healing combines ancient Eastern holistic therapies with Western traditional science and technology. We provide mind-body therapy to alleviate physical/emotional pain, reduce stress, heal trauma, and prevent illness through therapeutic movement, deep conscious breathing, apothecary and ancient healing modalities.

 Holistic & Integrative Wellness Center



Allison is a modern day medicine woman with her healing abilities and apothecary knowledge. Her therapeutic bodywork and energy healing sessions were life changing for me and my family. She aligned my emotional, spiritual, and physical body removing blockages and negative patterns that I was holding for years. After our sessions I felt calm, balanced and focused. She also performed these sessions for my husband and children too. Allison is an incredible teacher, healer and motivator, I highly recommend a therapeutic healing session with her.

Thank you so much Allison!

Jennifer C.

Stamford, CT

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