PNF Stretching, Muscle Activation Technique & Fascia Release Therapy

Individual Stretching Packages 30 minutes/each
1 Stretch Session $50
5 Stretch Sessions $225


Individual Stretching Packages 45 minutes/each
1 Stretch Session $65
5 Stretch Sessions $300

PNF Stretching & Muscle Activation Technique

PNF stretching is an advanced form of flexibility training that involves contraction and stretching of muscles. To perform a PNF stretch, you will alternate between a static stretch-and-hold and an isometric contraction of the muscle being stretched.

Improving Range of Motion with PNF Stretching

Proper stretching has been proven to provide better recovery, muscle function, and performance. PNF stretching and muscle activation technique combines joint mobility and muscular flexibility to help improve flexibility, posture, and reduce muscle tightness.

Fascia Release Therapy

Fascia release is a hands-on technique to loosen, relax, and recover your body from physical and daily stress. This hands-on technique can increase mobility, reduce muscle tightness, and improve posture.