Fitness Classes and Wellness Workshop

Inspire Train Fit offers a variety of wellness workshops and fitness classes to inspire, enlighten, and motivate you to live the best life possible.


Group Fitness Class Descriptions

Absolute Core

Challenge your abdominals like no other workout ever before! Absolute Core is a highly effective workout that targets the abdominal and back muscles using body weight, pilates and specific exercises which will increase abdominal strength and torso stability. You’ll love this workout!

Stretching Clinic

This session will teach you safe stretching techniques that will help keep your joints and muscles supple. This class will include breathing exercises, body postures and static stretching that will give you balance, relaxation and relieve muscle tension. A short sequence of mat pilates will also be included for core strength.

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa yoga is a flowing practice of yoga poses that emphasizes breathing techniques that are used as you move through each pose. This class uses a combination of mindful deep breathing, sun salutations, flowing yoga poses and stretches to build strength, improve balance and calm the mind.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is a dynamic practice that includes using the breath to access the subtle energy flow within the body. Hatha yoga involves mindful, intentional action, balancing strength, stability and flexibility in a process that affects all the systems of the body and mind.

Foam Rolling 101

This class includes lots of deep tissue rolling and myofascial release techniques. By performing self-myofascial release techniques on a simple foam roller, you can improve flexibility, reduce muscle stiffness, alleviate pain, restore motion and improve circulation.

Mat Pilates

This workout is derived from the principles of strength and flexibility training of Joseph Pilates. Each exercise sequence addresses alignment, muscle strength, endurance and spine stabilization. Results from this training include improved posture, stronger abdominal and back muscles, and overall improved appearance and body awareness.


This strength training based workout combines traditional strength training moves with the hottest functional moves to get your smoked. This class is designed to build strength and muscular definition.

Total Body Circuit

Circuit training is an excellent boredom buster! Whether you’re cycling, running steps, jumping rope, doing squats, planks, or conditioning on the stability ball – your mind won’t have time to wander, and your body will turn into a calorie burning machine!