Onsite Corporate Wellness

At Inspire Train Fit we specialize in organizing comprehensive employee wellness programs. We provide on-site corporate wellness seminars, exercise classes and consulting services. Inspire Train Fit will bring wellness to the work place and into your employee’s day. Our mission is dedicated to educating, motivating, and empowering your employees to make healthy lifestyle choices that improve their overall quality of life. By providing education, resources, exercise, relaxation, and stress reduction classes, we are committed to improving the health of your employees. By incorporating the eight dimensions of the Wellness Wheel: Physical, Social, Spiritual, Environmental, Cultural, Intellectual, Emotional, Occupational we are focusing on the whole person.

Seminars and Workshop Packages

Weekly health and fitness sessions can be scheduled during lunch time or after work hours. Corporations can schedule 6-12 week sessions to meet their workday schedule.

6, 8, 12 week sessions to optimal wellness

Time Selections:

Times: 6:30am – 8:30am

Times: 11:30am – 1:30pm – (Lunch n Learn)

Time:  3:30pm – 5:30pm

Corporate Health & Wellness Programs 

Sessions can include any of the following:

Healthy Back for Life & Ergonomics  – This workshop helps reduce back pain and lower health care costs

Limber Up – This stretching workshop will increase joint mobility, reduce stress and muscle tension in your employees.

Mat Pilates – This fitness class uses mat based Pilates to strengthen the core, support the spine, and bring body awareness to your employees.

Stress Be Gone  – This workshop helps to decrease stress related illnesses and improve staff productivity.

Superfoods – This seminar will teach you what foods to incorporate in your diet for a healthy lifestyle and energy. (Lunch-n-Learn)

The Power of Good Posture– This seminar uses body awareness, postural analysis and movement to improve posture and decrease stress and muscle tension. (Lunch-n-Learn)

The Workday Workout – This fitness class will get your muscles and heart pumping. This 45 minute express workout may help boost morale and increase productivity.

Total Body Tune Up – This workshop will use multiply modalities to bring your body back into balance and tranquility.

Yoga and Meditation – This fitness class uses Vinyasa Yoga, mindful deep breathing, and mediation to relax and reduce stress in your employees.



Corporate Wellness Seminars or Wellness Fair 

A one day corporate wellness events or fitness classes can be scheduled to offer your employees relaxation, fun, health education, and comradery.

Sessions can include any of the following:

  • Massage
  • Acupuncture
  • Yoga
  • Mat Pilates
  • PNF Stretching
  • Limbering & Stress Reduction Sessions
  • BEMER Therapy Sessions
  • Bodyfat Analysis
  • Blood Pressure Screening
  • Metabolic Testing
  • Reiki Healing
  • Energy Healing and Guided Imagery
  • Team Building Exercises


Finding a work, life, family balance is essential to many employees. Showing your employee that you value them is an important aspect of your employee’s overall happiness. Happy and relaxed employees work harder and perform better. The spirit of friendship and community in a group is an important aspect of wellness.

Reasons why workplace camaraderie matters.

  • It helps your team to perform better.
  • It improves the ability to work as a team.
  • It boosts employee retention rates.
  • Improves happiness and productivity in the office.


The Nation’s Problem

  • Our nation’s population is largely sedentary
  • Obesity is reaching monumental proportions
  •  Despite overwhelming evidence, tobacco use continues to be popular.
  •  The World Health Organization describes stress a “World Wide Epidemic.”
  •  High risk alcohol consumption silently takes its toll on American’s health.
  •  Chronic health conditions continue to plague the American population.

           Source: National Center for Health Statistics


Six Reasons Why Health Promotion Makes Good Business Sense

  • Although, we spend more dollars on health care than any other industrialized nation, our citizens are not the world’s healthiest.
  • Much of the illness in the US is directly preventable.
  • Healthcare costs are an issue of significant concerns.
  • The worksite is an ideal setting to address health and well-being.
  • Recent empirical research validates that health promotion programs can improve health, save money, and even produce a return on investment.
  • More and more companies are building world-class wellness programs.

         Source: Wellness Councils of America

What are the benefits of having an onsite employee wellness program?


Benefits for Company

  • Increased job performance and satisfaction
  • Increased productivity
  • Enhanced corporate image
  • Reduced absenteeism and sick time
  • Enhanced morale and work relations
  • Boosts employee retention rates
  • Increased camaraderie

Benefits for Employees

  • Reduced stress and stress-related illness
  • Increased relaxation and energy
  • Improved memory
  • Increased focus and ability to comprehend
  • Improved happiness and creativity
  • Enhanced overall health